CCBN Conference


In July 2018, the Cambodian Christian Business Network was officially registered. This past year
was a formative year as their network has grown both in size and maturity. On the 27th of July 2019, the CCBN celebrated its first birthday by holding a conference with various speakers and panelists and closing it off with a celebratory dinner.

The CCBN was blessed to have guests attend the conference from different regions in Cambodia, such as Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. Not only that, they were encouraged by the 26 delegates from the neighboring country, Vietnam, to develop themselves even further as ambassadors for Christ in the workplace.

To start off, they looked back at network’s DNA, found in the 3G vision of Pastor Heng Cheng. The 3G vision is the strategy to build the Christian community with a new wave of leaders in a “horizontal” way: among the churches, the Christian NGO community, and the Christian Business community but also through the “vertical” way: meaning the three generational leaders  that are represented in the Cambodian population. He encouraged them to keep meeting together and reminded them that when they stay close to God, they will be like a tree planted close to water, fruitful, and fresh–whatever they do will prosper.
Mrs. Pham Linh, the keynote speaker who led  the delegates from Vietnam, then encouraged them to have God as their CEO and to listen to God’s voice for direction in their businesses. She is the managing director and master trainer at SEED Vietnam which provides leadership, sales and communications training to companies.

Mrs. Karona Than, a local businesswoman working in Phnom Penh, was also highly appreciated as a speaker and was an inspiration to them in terms of her professionalism, success, and leadership as a woman.

Mr Ong, director of PhillipBank Cambodia, closed the meeting with a short but very strong message about keeping God first in their businesses. He shared some of his experiences how he chose to follow the path of integrity in difficult decisions.

During the celebratory dinner, they were able to meet other guests and network. While enjoying the food, there was Cambodian music and dance as well as two testimonies from Mrs. Sorphea Chamreoun and Mr. Binh Le from Vietnam.
The guests left the conference with new vision andencouragement to continue to move forward in the next year. More needs to be done to coach and mentor new Cambodian leaders who wish to become entrepreneurs and strengthen those who are already doing it. The CCBN hopes to hold this event regularly in the future to encourage the Cambodian Christian business community.

The CCBN would like to thank its sponsors:  Phillip Bank, EHC, Shift 360, Sovannak Palm Sugar, River Tackle Co.,Ltd., Making It Easy, The Light Sport & Décor, Family Clinic, Phnom Penh Dental Clinic, KROMA APP and Eden Florist; its speakers: Pastor Heng Cheng, Mrs. Pham Linh, Dr. Chou Meanserey, Dr. Kheng Sisanara, Mr. Kong Kimsophat, Mrs. Than Karona, Mr. Tami Pierre, Pastor Nguyen Joshua, and Mr. Ong Teong Hoon; and the volunteers that helped make the conference possible.


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